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VoIP, Analog, and Digital Phone Lines

Instantly add any type of phone line you desire. Evolution PBX makes this incredibly simple, allowing you to choose any pre-configured phone line, including most popular VoIP providers, analog PSTN, and digital T1/PRI cards. Seamlessly expand your calling capacity with VoIP, lowering costs without sacrificing the reliability of your traditional phone lines.

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Not working at your desk today? Are you on the road? Want to work from home? Your customers will never know. Simply login to the user interface and the system will look for you at up to 4 different phone numbers or extensions and then send the voicemail back to your original voicemail box.

Extension Profiles

Profiles simplify the process of managing extensions and permissions. When adding an extension, you select a profile to associate that extension with. The profile allows you to define a set of permissions and settings, such as Ring Time, Language, and even Outbound Route permissions, just to name a few.



"Thank you for calling the Acme Widget Company, Press 1 for Sales and 2 for Service..." An auto-attendant (also referred to as IVR) is an easy to create and manage call menu used to help enhance the call experience of an inbound caller to your company. Evolution PBX supports any number of auto-attendants, allowing you to link multiple menus together so you can streamline your business.

Conference Rooms

Tired of using expensive conferencing services? Evolution PBX allows you to easily set up as many conference rooms as you need. Any local or remote extension on your system can call into your private conference room without any per-minute costs. You can even set up your own toll-free or local phone number to allow anyone with a pin number to call into your conference room directly. Optionally, you have the ability to record the conference should you need to.

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